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Welcome to the Players Club website.
We are men and women dedicated to good times at the OGA Golf Course. Men and women are welcome into the Players Club, and women may also play with the Womens Club, which is a separate group. To join the Womens Club contact Alice Gorman at or call 503.982.4723.

For 2017 - Dues amounts are $57, and are due before March. There at least three ways to join:
1. You may sign up and pay at the pro shop.
2. Use the OGA Golf Course website at - then sign up for The OGA Players Club.
3. If you purchase the annual golf pass from the golf course, your OGA dues are included - unless your annual renewal is later than March. In that case, join the Players Club directly in the Pro Shop (see #1 above), and your annual billing will be credited for the $57.

We have a closed Facebook group just for our players club members. We hope it will enhance communication within the club, enabling members to find other members to play with, share thoughts and questions on the course, rules, recent competition formats, etc. The Players club will post scores and upcoming competition reminders also. 

Request to join the Facebook group by searching for ogapc in Facebook or by following the link below:


For Weekly events or games go to the OGA PC Calendar  page.

For Major Events or Tournamnets go the OGA PC Calendar page.


Usually once a month we have a Saturday Major game. You must sign up by 5 pm on Wednesday prior to playing. The type of play for Major events will be posted on the Events Page.