The OGAPC has games every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
We also have Major Tournaments about once a month during the summer.

Hip! Hip! Hooray! See the tentative 2019 OGAPC tournament schedule below.

There are weekly cash-pot games on Wednesday mornings.
Again,  All weekly game sign ups are the through pro shop: call 503 981 4653 (then option 4)
If you want in the weekly games it is $5 CASH only!

See the GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS below on how to sign up and play. 

Wednesday Cash-Pot Games

OGA Players Club – It is time to break into your golfing Happy Dance! The Wednesday Cash-Pot Games start this week! Four (4) tee times have been set aside for the OGAPC Players.  Call in or go in to the Pro Shop and sign up.

Wednesday:  – Next game will be – 22-May-19  

Format: – Two-Man Team Best Ball Play 
– Tee times 9:24; 9:33; 9:42; 9:53  

Gross & net payouts. 
Kp’s 8 & 17

See you then. All pairings and hole assignments will be completed on Tuesday at 5pm.

Saturday Cash-Pot Games

Saturday:    No Saturday games until …

Format:  – Individual Stroke Play
– Tee times 8:24 -to-  8:54 – 

 All pairings and hole assignments will be completed noon Friday at 5pm. 
IF you want in the game it is $5 CASH only!

See the GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS below on how to sign up and play. 

OGA PC Competitions – explained

For descriptions of game formats, click on: OGA PC Competitions Explained.


Hip! Hip! Hooray! See the tentative 2019 OGAPC tournament schedule below.

OGA PC MAJOR Competitions – 

From March through November the OGA Players Club (OGAPC) has a  Major Tournament, or event, usually once a month. 

DATE                                   EVENT NAME                                                               TEE TIMES 

June-15             Member/Member Best Ball         See Below

Sign up on-line. Click SIGN UP
Or, Sign up at the Pro Shop 
Or, Sign Up: Call – 503-981-4653, ext. 4

More detail for the type of play and rules for each Major event will be posted below on this page.

See the Flyer/Announcement – Click:   June 15 Member/Member BB


2019 Players Club Monthly Events

Note: We have two new events – one one Thursday, June 20th with the Women’s Club, and Saturday July 13th – the Member Invitational (Club members can invite other members or non-members to play and compete in this event.

This is the upcoming MAJOR EVENT SCHEDULE.  All times and formats are subject to change. 

DATE.                        EVENT NAME                                                    TEE TIMES

June-15           Member/Member BB                  t.b.d.

Mar-23                              3-Player Best Ball                       10:09 AM
Apr-6                                 Masters                                        t.b.d.
May-11                             A-B-C Match Play                       t.b.d.
June-15                             Member/Member BB               t.b.d.
June 20                            Annual Women’s Club Event     t.b.d.
July-13                              Member Invitational                   t.b.d.
July-26-27                         Club Championship                   t.b.d.
Aug-17                              OGAPC Invitational                     t.b.d.
Sep-21-22                         President’s Cup                           t.b.d.
Oct-19                               Shindig/Ann. Mtg                        t.b.d.
Nov-2                                Beat the Pro                                 t.b.d.



Entries for these major events open two weeks prior to the 5pm Wednesday deadline.
Sign up for ALL events by contacting the Pro Shop.
Or: Sign Up On-Line


General  Instructions


Announcement: You can now sign-up on-line! Click on: Tournament Sign-up
Other ways to sign up for OGA PC Tournaments:
Call, or go into the Pro Shop for Saturday Events by the previous Wednesday at 5 PM. 

For all Wednesday club games sign up by Monday at 5pm. 

Day of Play Instructions:

1.  Check in upstairs per usual to verify your time. Find the person running the game that day.  Look for: Bruce Priem (Wednesdays), Jerry Parkinson (Saturdays), or Don Zehrung.
2.  Pay your fee, if you want to be in the game. They should have a scorecard prepared. It is $5 to get in the game; it is voluntary. 
3.  You can always play golf without getting into the “game”.  It’s not mandatory, no entry fee is needed. You can signup and play and not be in the pot game.
4.  Check for Frost Delay if the weather is bad.
5.  This a Cash only club game.   We endeavor to pay 1/3 of the field.  Don Zehrung, Gary Conti, or Chris Hamilton will manage the payout.

There should be room for ALL!